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Pusat Orang Tua Lok Leng is a fully integrated mobile healthcare service provider, with its Head Office located in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. In fact, we have another 2 branches which is located in Ampang (Kampung Tasik Permai & Puncak Jalil Serdang). All of our nursing centre is managed by a team of dedicated, skilled and professionally qualified staffs who are certified to practice and serve. The team with their specialized nursing knowledge from various professional backgrounds is committed to listen, understand and serve patients' needs. In Poh – Link, we provide our patients with the BEST service and cares.

We aim to provide a conducive and safe alternative to prolonged hospital stay. Our service helps to minimize disruption to the patient's care, reduce the burden on family members and alleviate anxiety of both patient and family.

Pusat Orang Tua Lok Leng is on the mission to be one of the leaders in the mobile healthcare space, bridging the gap, in the provision of continuous accessible healthcare services. Besides focusing on 'Best Recovery' for our patients in the comfort homes, we are also passionate about educating one and all towards achieving awareness and taking responsibility for one's own health, gearing towards 'Best Health Status'.