Our Philosophy

"Your best dream, our values"

Since its inception, Pusat Orang Tua Lok Leng has been on an on-going values to ensure each of our patients receives the most comprehensive personalized nursing care to enable them to achieve their Best potential in recovery and rehabilitation and subsequently enjoy the Best quality of life.

Our Core Values are geared towards attaining the following:

  • Improving and sustaining quality of life for the sick, disabled, elderly and new mothers.
  • Providing personalised quality healthcare service that’s compassionate, accommodating and all-encompassing.
  • Facilitating patient rehabilitation and empowerment through physical assistance, psychological support and emotional development.
  • Encouraging active participation of caregivers and family members through comprehensive consultation, knowledge-sharing and continuous education.
  • Guiding and assisting patients families and providing them with necessary knowledge and emotional support for the good of the patients.