Nursing Home


Poh-Link Nursing Centre Sdn Bhd is well know for its services in nursing home. In Poh-Link Nursing Centre, we have more than 15 years in handling patient with care and love. Poh-Link Nursing Centre Sdn Bhd is aiming to be one of the leading nursing home in Klang Valley as well as Kualay Lumpur. Our mission is daily to provide the best assist to patients, nursing care to old folks and healty but tasty meals to our home stay. In short, we are dedicated to give our best nursing care to our home stay in order for them to stay healty, joyful and bring happiness to them.


Poh-Link Nursing Centre Sdn Bhd is well-equiped with medical tools and professional prescript medicine. Our nursing home is one of the most popular in Cheras, Serdang, and Ampang area. This is due to our service and commitment has never fail us. We have wide range of doctors stand-by (on call) in case some unwanted scenerios happen. They are professional doctors whom dedicated to serve well to patients. 

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